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Who is Dollar IT?

We heard clients who have smaller networks and cannot afford an elaborate service and support contracts. As a micro business, you would hate paying tons of money to IT professionals who charge merely for stepping into your premises and then additional fix hourly charges. Our parent company Network Repairs realized your needs to get affordable ad-hock IT services where you pay realistically for the time an engineer spends fixing your issues: pay $1/Min instead of fix 150$/Hour.

We came up with pay-per-minute service for your most common day-to-day issues. You only pay for the time you use: an 18-minute call will cost you $18 (with results) and not $120 or $150 (Without results).

If you need more comprehensive services, you are fully covered by a mature company with proven track records since 2001.

Your workstation is the most important tool for your productivity & work. In the 21st century, Managing /Repairing it should not be a rocket science.

Backed by parent company Network Repairs, a leading IT infrastructure company, that has over 20 years of experience, we are here to troubleshoot your IT issues remotely- Cost effectively, conveniently, and reliably.

Our team will repair/maintain your IT in a millennium fashion so that you can focus on business performance & not on system performance.

Why Dollar IT is different from other IT Support Services?

Low Cost of IT Repairs & Ease of service is the core strength of Dollar IT. Experience, Professionalism, accreditation sets us apart.

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